G Herbo - Retro Flow (2015)

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G Herbo - Retro Flow lyrics

Ayye, ayye, 150 Dream Team, huh

Pacs came in, roll a wood to see what the guys like (Posto)
Welcome to the fast life, buy henny to see what the guys like
Used to ride Buics, Torsions, now I get the cake for courses
Pull up hoppin' outta Porsches, splash brothers with me, score shit
Foe nem sluttin' hoes, all on tour shit, fly free, bitches don't aboard shit
Remember youngins sleeping on the floor shit, check my bank account, my shit enormous
I'm enormous, big books on me, no thesaurus
I never lied even back when I was broke, these other rappers act like see before shit
Hundred thousand, probably saw like four of them, back up on my shit I need some more of them
Never satisfied, I need millions, niggas sitting 'round, it's civilians
It's civilians, niggas killin' 'em, old ladies, man, even children
Real street nigga, I ain't feelin' it it, but when it come to beef, I ain't feeling shit
Niggas say they see the opps, they spilling 'em, everytime they see the opps they missin' 'em
Hit the innocent, go do sentences, we don't play around, lil bro finish 'em
Soberer than a bitch, I ain't been sippin' shit, stacking hundreds, making forties, little shit
Shit ridiculous, used to shop at corner stores of fifty cent, probably died trying not to mention it
I had beef up in my hood like Fifty Cent, but I ain't ever have to make 'em any man
Know my diffles, want it, bye bye many man, so you know I gotta keep it with me then
Forty glizzy with me, come and get me then, kill a nigga
Lord, oh forgive me, foe nem fuck around and get me him
And sometimes, shit, it just remind me of nights at the club again
Know security was searching me, you know that I'ma get the burner in
150 Dream Team behind me, always looking grimey
And as far as trouble, we don't want none, but we still a find it
I'm from Chiraq, this the lifestyle, I don't even matter
Hollows in the forty-five, X.D., beam on the side of it
I can't trust these hoes, see yo house, put niggas right on it
Fuck that bitch in a hotel, kick her out, I put my life on it
I ain't worried about no niggas, you know that I keep my pipe on it
I ain't saying nobody can get me but I see suspicion, I'm right on it
Let a nigga catch me slipping, you know I desert
Rather go out in the foreign, on the e-way swervin'
When I die, don't let no pussy niggas in my service
My view be so high in the sky, my phone don't got no service
I get high and think of all them nights when I was serving
Never went through no peer pressure, lived my life on purpose
If you alive and don't get paper, you ain't got no purpose
What the fuck up with the world, everybody savage
Nobody wanna be no doctors, all the shorties get clapped at
Ain't nobody going to college, all of the shorties on SnapChat