G Herbo - Man Down (2015)

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G Herbo - Man Down lyrics

Look man, Ball Like I'm Kobe the mixtape coming soon man
Young nigga done grew up now though but let me tell you something

[Verse 1]
Take me way back, way way back
Back to 87th Rink with the wave caps
Back to 72nd street that's where I played at
But 79 essex block where I was made at
East side, only side where I was raised at
No cease fire, disrespect us you get blazed at
Take me back, way back to elementary
Lost G Fazo in 2010 the rest was history
And ever since its been "murder all my enemies"
And ever since it's been "never show no sympathy"
I'm in this by myself, niggas don't mean shit to me
And money don't mean shit to me
I remember nights, when it wasn't shit to eat
And ever since it's been "niggas can't get shit for free"
This world fucked up my nigga, so good luck my nigga
And once you in that state system then you stuck my nigga
Better get some bucks my nigga
You only got yourself the rest don't give a fuck my nigga
And I'mma live it up my nigga
Don't be mad at me your bitch can't get enough my nigga
But back to basics, you want that bank just hit me up my nigga
Smoking OG to the face I'm high as fuck my nigga
You know G Herbo keep some codeine in his cup my nigga
Roll up to my show we got 4 FNs in the trunk my nigga
And we got them slammers in the club
You know Lil Marley blammin' nigga mud
Just went to see my big bro Maskey in the county jail
He was out on 25 but he tryna make another bail
When I was 17 I seen my first 100 racks
I turned 18 seen it again and blew that 100 back
But now I'm wiser bitch I'm master making money stack
I'm tryna win a grammy I got fo' n dem out there sellin' crack
What you need? You know we buy that store
Big bucks my bro, he got it for the low
Fuck the law they tryna send a nigga up the road
Passing out conspiracies they snatch me up bitch I don't know I don't know
Free my nigga Crazy James, shout out my big bro perfect 8
And ever since they took the game shit ain't been the same
Free Lil Merch and wet em up see shorty n them be duckin treys
Roll around with all my ice on me
I got 24 for Kobe and this pipe on me
Boy you better not risk your life on me
We in the club might get your head shot, pull a knife on me
You standin' in the line paying for your mans and all
I don't show up to the club unless the fans involved
I'm sick of these hating niggas, all you snaking niggas
Pocket watcher tryna see how much I'm making nigga
Why you wanna see me fail? I'm tryna make it nigga
Why you want me to be broke and stay a basic nigga?
Why niggas wanna see me dead? Tryna see me down
Same niggas shake my hand when they see me 'round
Let you know for you gotta watch em
They gon drop a dime or kill you for a dollar
And I gotta watch my back cause I know niggas plottin'
Same nigga who say he ya partna' he'll pop-pop
And I'm ridin' round tryna ease the pain
Smoking on dutches drink a ace of lean
High speedin' and I'm switching lanes
Tired of talkin Ballin Like I'm Kobe on the way

RIP all my niggas man
Free all my niggas man
Ballin Like I'm Kobe on the mixtape
Coming real soon man
You already know what it is man
Pistol gang, 4L
You already know how we rocking man
Let's get it man
We don't fuck around we gotta get this money man
Fuck all that other shit