G Herbo - Just Bars (2014)

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G Herbo - Just Bars lyrics

Bitch I’m still the hottest I’m just being honest
Turn me up a notch I’m on supersonic
I ain’t been asleep, bitch it's 8 o clock
When you finish noddin’ me meet me at the top
G Herbo in your city, fillin up the spot
Leanin' off the drop molly got the Glock
Everywhere I go, robin truied be up
Louis, Gucci’d up, all the newest stuff
While my diamond dancing and my robins glancin'
Pocket full of Jacksons, shoebox full of Franklins
Smoking no Jamaican all my clothes be stinkin’
I know niggas hatin', choppas like the Haitians
I ain’t single-chasin’ I’m just bein’ patient
Everything I’m saying history in the making
Listen what I’m saying I get in my zone
Offer me a milli I won’t even take it
Where I’m from it look like a nigga made it
When I milk the game it's gon' change up
Feelin’ like a nigga made it
Run it back, there ya nigga made it, huh
And I be ridin’ down Lakeshore gettin’ faded
Dutchies, double cups gettin’ wasted
I know ain’t no nigga fuckin’ with me
Hottest, youngest in the fucking city
All the bitches wanna fuckin’ lick me
Cause I just left the Summer Jam with Nicki
And she just helped me book a couple shows
I might hit the road and go chuck a fifty
Hundred niggas and we got them poles
And they gon' unload you better not come near me
I be in the streets, catch me over East
When I see police, I don’t talk to any
When you basic all the bitches complicatin'
When you getting money they start complimentin'
When it come to bitches I dun ran through several
You get on my level, nigga now you pimpin’
I be doggin' hoes, never callin' hoes
Pillow talkin’ hoes, nigga now you trippin’
Coppin’ and I’m flippin, smoking and im sipping
Fucking and I’m pimping’, package and im sending
Rapping and I’m trapping, earning now I’m spending
Make a broke nigga learn to pay attention
If I do not fuck with you it’s my decision
Die a real nigga, true to my religion
You might go out snitchin' I'mma go no limit
Everywhere he go you know his fo-fo wit him
All that I remember is a fo-fo hit him
I was off the lean, bro was off a beam
When we in the scene 30's with the beams
Leave a murder scene, we ain’t heard a thing
Niggas hatin', act like they ain’t heard of me
Call my phone for verses like emergencies
Swagger-jacking they committing burglaries
I’m a trend setter, I set it off
Desert Eagle same one as Queen Latifah
It's a bitch, press her i'll let it off
These lil niggas, man they can’t compare to me
They ain’t gon’ step to me cause I’m gon’ get it on
Every day I leave the crib and sacrifice
I might go to prison, I might die tonight
Til that day I’m livin’ nah I ain’t scared
Lotta niggas bitches, don’t know how to fight
Leave ‘em where to ripe,Bro go get the pipe
Look out for the cops, don’t see none in sight
All my niggas hustle, barely gettin’ by
Stressin' smokin’ ounces barely gettin’ high
I don' seen a lotta real niggas die
Prolly reason why a nigga get so high
Get so high feel like I live in the sky
I'm so high I could tell all my niggas hi
Wish I had a chance to tell all my niggas bye
Hate to see my fam and my niggas cry
Bodies dropping summer to the winter time
Lotta niggas never see the finish line
If I’m by my lonely I still got it on me
That’s on every nigga I got tatted on me
In the battlefield I lost my brodies
CMOE, Peewee and I lost Jacoby
I will never ever leave my brothers
He got on but he forgot his homies
Know you brothers we all need each other
If I got it then you got it homie
Believe that
All my niggas demons we still on the same shit
Drive em' where the weed at
150 dream team, all my shooters was need a check
And we all on top I ain’t even peaked yet huh