G-Eazy - Jack Skellington (2013)

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G-Eazy - Jack Skellington lyrics


[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Ok you know it's whiskey straight no chasers
Yeah I've been a few places
From Montana to Indiana these girls know what my pace is
First night with your girlfriend we ran a couple of bases
We made it home I dug her out then I made her one of my aces

Marijuana fragrance this tree here is outrageous
Want me to play in your city send an email to my agents
I'm working in my studio I tell my fans have patience
Because once I drop this new shit then it's on I'm off to them races

Yeah lanky as a mother fucker rap game Jack Skellington
I will surely blow up soon that's what I've been telling them
Most the time I'm lurkin in New Orleans like a pelican
Walking in the party dapper looking like Duke Ellington

Yeah always wear a latex when I skeet
Got Balenciagas on I got your paycheck on my feet
Rappers hit me up for tracks I need your paycheck for a beat
At my stay at home job wearing gray sweats in my suite

Man this shit ain't got no concept I just felt like rappin
Started writing lyrics and then I just felt like snappin
See I'm trekking past the stars I swear I just felt like captain
Man I smoked a blunt then smoked two more then I just felt like nappin

When given my druthers I'm mixing downers with uppers
Shouts goes out to splurge boys I only rap over thumpers
First I got with this babe and then I moved on to her mother
I just came through and fucked her afterwards she cooked me supper

You can hate me all you want to but my rents paid
Off of writing rap songs I got my ends made
I get bitches plus I even get my friends laid
You see the girl I'm with you probably wish you can trade

Ok I'm killing yall on this music shit
Sophisticated flows went to school and shit
You should really know who you're fooling with
I'm too legit I do this shit

We don't drink vodka I'm drinkin that brown
Lotta rappers out now jackin my sound
Drop a new song shut the internet down
And I would keep going but thats all for now