Furious Styles - Born On The Outside lyrics

Born an outcast I walk through life without no other. Where it seems that all my hopes and dream continue to smother and disappear. Can't tell if this is part of the plan. The damage is done. Suppose to help me bea better man. As an ooutcast I found my place among the gutter. Among the hopeless. The unloved. Where all we got is each other just a kid with a mission. With a plan that I could rise and conquer this world and take the crown for any man. I don't test I'm bred to fight without conscience don't stress the outcome because there ain't no contest. Don't rest, don't sleep because these eyes are watching you slip. We creep and you end up rotting. Six feet eternity. Hate is all that guides me. Left morals with my hope about 24 years back behind me I've seen a lot of things but these jaded ain't ain't blinded. And now it's time to conquer. If you're about it stand beside me. Outlast! We fight 'til we die. When It's all said and done we're the ones to survive. You can't kill the spirit. The hear that's inside, beat down and battle scarred. We rise 'til the deminse. Outcast! We live to defy. Nothing to lose so we fight for the prize. You can't kill the spirit, the hear that's inside. Beat down and battle scarred we rise 'til demise born on the outside committed to free though. An open mind I walk the path less traveled. A path for those who ain't blinded by the fear that lives in the hearts of mankind. Out to get mind in a world of hard times. Born a rebel, can't help but break rules and cross lines what I have ain't enough. I want more so I fight and climb to the top of the world. I continue to rise a survivor in life. I break all chains that bind so I won't go insane I must learn from mistakes. I must continue to grow through change say what's on my mind. Don't ever hesitate, don't apologize for nothin' but learn from mistakes. Sometimes learnin' the hard way through the worlds made me bitter and so full of anger and rage. I speak these words to wash away my pain and lift the worlds weight off my shoulders and gain the proper knowledge to maintain a righteous frame of mind 'til last days. So here I stand undefeated. A lowlife unloved and mistreated. Born to lost but still I rise to my feet and overcome until my heart stops beating. I chose the path I want. There's no turning back. Always on the offense, planning my next attack. I stay focused keep my mind on track. And I'll keep fighting 'til the day my world fades black