Fun Fun - Happy Station lyrics (Chinese translation). | Station, happy station
, Very special people you can
, meet at the station
, Station, happy station...
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Fun Fun - Happy Station (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Station, happy station
ZH: 站、 快乐站

EN: Very special people you can
ZH: 非常特别的人,你可以

EN: meet at the station
ZH: 在车站会面

EN: Station, happy station (oh, happy station)
ZH: 站,开心站 (哦,快乐站)

EN: Glad and smiling faces come
ZH: 很高兴,微笑着的脸来

EN: from different places
ZH: 从不同的地方

EN: My suitcase and me we'll take a trip
ZH: 我和我的手提箱我们会去旅行

EN: It's a magic journey, I feel like burning
ZH: 它是一个神奇的旅程,我觉得自己像燃烧

EN: Lucky guy, follow me, you'll be alright
ZH: 幸运的家伙,跟我来,你会没事的

EN: I'm crazy, don't you know
ZH: 我疯了,你不知道

EN: I'll never let you go
ZH: 我不会让你走

EN: Would you like to do it?
ZH: 你想做吗?

EN: Well, it's not, not too late
ZH: 很好,它不是,不算太晚

EN: Tell me what you like
ZH: 告诉我你喜欢什么

EN: It could be so fine.
ZH: 这可能是很好。

EN: Come into my train, I can get you higher
ZH: 走进我的火车,我可以给你更高

EN: You're the best, best, honey
ZH: 你最好、 最、 蜂蜜

EN: The best, best lover tonight
ZH: 今晚,最好最好的情人

EN: Station, happy station?
ZH: 站、 快乐站吗?

EN: Come with me and take the train
ZH: 和我一起坐火车

EN: I don't want to stop here, wanna go there
ZH: 我不想停下来了,想要到那里去

EN: (Go where?)
ZH: (去哪呢?)

EN: Where I'd like to see one million places
ZH: 我想要看到 100 万的地方

EN: (What kind of places?)
ZH: (什么样的地方?)

EN: Midnight is coming, follow me
ZH: 午夜来临,跟着我

EN: Station, happy station?
ZH: 站、 快乐站吗?

EN: Come with me and take the train...
ZH: 和我一起乘火车......

EN: Josep Monedero
ZH: Josep Monedero