Full Frequency - Torture Tease lyrics

You wrap your legs on me
Holding me in place
To do what you want
And tell your stories too
You chain me down so tight
To see me stay awhile
And watch your tease
With a fucked up style

I can't take this
I can't take it
This is torture
I don't fake it
You think I want this
You think I want it
This is torture
I'm your torture tease

I sit in silence
While you watch me breathe
You get off with yourself
And cum in front of me
I eat your shit
You take it from my face
While I starve to death
And laugh at my disgrace

Locked inside your world
I don't remember anything
My past is a memory
I live for your sex
I live for your games
Feed me your ecstasy

You get off with yourself
You get off with yourself
You cum in front of me
I'm your torture tease