Fruupp - Faced With Shekinah lyrics

Listen to the footsteps on a desolated road,
Pausing for a breath, strapped by his heavy load.
With eyes transfixed, and shadowed face.
An element of fear?

Underneath his burnt desire,
Of his destined celestial sphere.
Look up but not around,
Lest destruction you are bound.

Worldly Wise is ten feet tall.
Yet "he" knows you're doomed to fall.
Lost is the Seventh Day in debauchery's cherished land.
No one hears Shekinah speak.
They say, "We don't understand".

Remember what the last book says.
Millennium is not far away.
You fools forget the Resurrection and the Revelation Day.
Forget the amount of present wealth you've built to scrape the sky.
And leave behind the selfish lust
You've taught the world to live.