Fruit & Flower - Partial Meltdown lyrics

There's enough of us to make ends meet
When the Sun is rising, reflects in the sea,
Infinity in front of me
Is to be seen.

A glimpse of what the mirror reveals
And I like
What it shows me.

And my hair caresses me on my shoulders
Let me go ahead, let me take what's there for me.

Breathing the air
Filling my lungs
Fully in, fully out, what a feel!

Go ahead
Don't stop

Chilling looks
All around
Silent faces
Sense of wrong.

Partial meltdown.
What do they mean?
Is this for real?
... too late

Go ahead
Don't stop

The air had filled my lungs
An old and wrinkled face is in the mirror now,
Skin opens, pus flows out.
Pieces of flesh lie in my footsteps, the bones twist and crook.
Pressure in my skull,
Eyeballs flop, stay hanging down.
My blood boils inside.
The effects progress...
And they

Go ahead
Don't stop