Frown - Demonstration Of Irresistibility lyrics

Bad dreams and lunar brightshine are the principal attributes
Of vigilant nights. But you can the thrill reveal with every
Touch and zest, it is the invitation inside...
It's demonstration- not depravity

In the middle of frost
The winter's started
Her breath the trees undressed
Made pale of sticks
The limbo's started
I'm sitting by fire
And i am wet

It's drizzling all the weeks
I guess it won't stop
Tranquil murmur of the wind crawling into my ears

Wood is wet -wet to the pith
O' god's disgrace
Bright blue flames
Like a night sky
Far away-miles away
In the distant nothingness
I'm feeding the fire
I think it won't go out

I am sitting
By hearth
I am wet
By hearth