Frog Eyes - The Fence Feels Its Post lyrics

Over the house and over the post
And lie in the grass and wait from the post
And where (?)
Nobody works for me

Howl for the nation, for the rations, violent fences all for the don

I've seen the matrons down
Down with the body put the body in the ground
All the world in chocolate brown
Nobody works for me

Sit on the bed lie on the rail
Watch as the bastards christ from the trail
Where was the world that was tender and frail
Who's going to look after me

Oh machination
Oh waters risin
Oh hatred sensation
Four from the don

Fall down where's that gown
Find that clitoris steal his crown
Where were the flies where were the bees
Steal this sentence penetrate me

Love as a (?)
Chocolate world chocolate world
Who's going to work for me

Oh run from sinking ground
Where you going to run when there is no ground
Where you going to move when there is no ground
Call back the heights for me
Ha nation one two three
Greek lactation works for me