Friends Of Jim Scallan - She Wants It Bad lyrics

((from the play "Greek Sex", as sung by the characters of James and Dean!))

*scene: Dean meets a pretty, young girl named Sabrina who he begins to fall for. James persuades him to pursue..*

JAMES: Say she's there....lookin' fine....
DEAN: Uh-huh..
JAMES: She wants to be with you, but you won't give her the time.
DEAN: Well..
JAMES: Now when you look at her, what's on your mind?
DEAN: I see her pretty face..and 5 years of jail time.
JAMES: ::sighs::
DEAN: She's just a child.
JAMES: And so are you! Who says a girl that young can't have a love that true?
DEAN: Her innocence isn't something that she should lose to me..
JAMES: So loosen up, you know to love, you must be free!
JAMES: (mock mysterious) Look into her eyes..
DEAN: It's so wrong..
JAMES: Ah, wrong is not letting your heart be free.
(song continues)
JAMES: She wants it so bad!
DEAN: This is making me sad..
JAMES: Go, take a chance on her..once you do, you know you'll be glad!
DEAN: You know, you're right..she wants me like mad!
JAMES: Do her tonight..