Fresh Cut Salads - Dream Song lyrics

And I find and I found that and I be there baby
I been a long time
I been a long time
You know I have

And I'm willing to bet one thing; just one thing
I bet when you bite your apple
You see my face in that juicy hole
Where your teeth once were

You've been thinking about me, baby
I'm like candy, etc.

I'm like a candy cane
Only the fruity kind
Rather than the minty kind
I'm like a swimming pool full of toffee, etc.

If you were a public library (Raoul! Raoul! Giraffe! Giraffe!)
I'd walk right up to the front desk, and I'd get myself a card
And I would rent every book in the whole place
But you know what I'd do:
I'd never return a single one! Not a single one!

Don't I wanna tell you
That I love you

And don't I wanna tell you
That I need you