Frenchie - Facts (2012)

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Frenchie - Facts lyrics

Hold up (x2)

I just got on my grizzly, 50 grand for the pot
In my town I gets busy, are you rollin' or not?
Money greedy from shows, you ain't decent with the flow
Smackin chickens up. Chris Breezy on them hoes
Hold up! I've been rapping for 20 years, so whats the hold up?
TnT in my mind now watch me blow up
Sticky icky roll up, purple drink pou' up, 2015 whip doin donuts!
I'll flip the mattress in your granite, for the stacks you got filing taxes on your kids
Im a henny guzzler, your chick wanna fuck with us
I'll use her whip stash the bricks by the muffler
Im too lupe, your man a group-ay, rushin me water call him bobby booshay
Yeahh, I let the cannon smoke, I got the antidote for fruity ass niggas, chop your head like an cantaloupe
I do three shows a week, who you calling broke?
Look at your sneaker. your still using soap?
Dirty shoe strings check how that coupe lean
Take the devil off the throne, call me baby Hussein
I heard a lot of niggas killin out that section A
But over here, ain't no killin cause my sections great
A B C rappin, will get a nigga a platinum plaque
But the truth is niggas are disrespecting rap!
And you should ask not, ill flip your head wide open niggas will call you portable laptop
Your chick givin out made top, she run her jaws like a locomotive her middle name should be fast top
But ya'll got a glass drop, I call my gun vodka cause your droppin after that last shot
My clique is full of goonies, ask Flocka
Arenas is sold out, the lines be nonblocked!

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