French Montana - Return Of The Mack (2011)

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French Montana - Return Of The Mack lyrics

Its the return of the Mack baby. (Oooh)

[Verse 1]
I was drunk off that patron
Cause I never knew
When you made ya move
And you said you with ya crew
I shoulda knew it from the start
Bitch you were a slut
Trynna break my heart
shoulda knew you was a hoe

[Pre-Chorus x2]
Bitch you was. Fly to me
All that shit you said you never do
You lies to me
Bitch you did bitch you did

Return of the Mack (x7)

[Verse 2]
All the way skeese
You ain't gotta lie
Fronting like you was a keeper
I shoulda knew it
When I let you meet Connie
You tried all my niggas
blamed it on patron
Now then you met Flex
Then you met another
shoulda called you buffer
Guess one nigga ain't enough (Nahh)
A club hopper real Popper
Acted like a head sport head bobber
Aha I guess love don't love nobody
Cupid hit me with a shotty
Gave you a bad name to the next one
Its a nice game trynna pick one