27 September, 2016 - RollingStone.com
The Game continues to eviscerate fellow rapper Meek Mill in the video for "Pest Control." Set in Baltimore, the clip opens with an exterminator making a house call to kill a rat. When he's finished, theThis article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: Watch The Game's Scathing Meek Mill Diss Video 'Pest Control'
French Montana Only If For A Night lyrics
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French Montana - Only If For A Night lyrics


Florence and The Machine - Only If For A Night Sample
And I had a dream
About my old school
And she was there all pink and gold and glittering
I threw my arms around her legs
Came to weeping
Came to weeping

And I heard your voice
As clear as day
And you told me I should concentrate
It was all so strange
And so surreal
That a ghost should be so practical
Only if for a nigh

I though about gettin a dj
But then Im like who know me better than myself
Nah mean
When I look at that mirror
U know that black hole ...
Everytime u winning u feeling like somethings wrong
We be going on wars for years man