- Freeway & Jake One - She Makes Me Feel Alright lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro - Freeway]
, (Aaaaaaah)
, (Yeah, yeah)
, (Aaaaaaah)
, (La-da-daaaaa)
, Uh, uh
, (Yeah,...
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Freeway & Jake One - She Makes Me Feel Alright (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro - Freeway]
ZH: [高速公路-简介]

EN: (Aaaaaaah)
ZH: () Aaaaaaah

EN: (Yeah, yeah)
ZH: (是,是)

EN: (Aaaaaaah)
ZH: () Aaaaaaah

EN: (La-da-daaaaa)
ZH: (La-da-) daaaaa

EN: Uh, uh
ZH: 呃

EN: (Yeah, yeah)
ZH: (是,是)

EN: (Aaaaaaah)
ZH: () Aaaaaaah

EN: (No more cymbals man)
ZH: (没有更多的钹人)

EN: [Verse 1 - Freeway]
ZH: [诗歌 1-高速公路]

EN: Uh, she like something out of Maxim, the real Swimsuit issue
ZH: 呃,她喜欢的格言,真正的泳衣问题的东西

EN: Told her I miss you, I'll be back soon
ZH: 告诉她我想你,我会很快回来

EN: Hold the spot down until I'm back home
ZH: 按住在现场,直到我回首页

EN: Her girlfriends downstairs, her little nephew in the back room
ZH: 她的女友楼下,她在后面的房间的小侄子

EN: But I don't mind 'cause she, on her job
ZH: 但我不介意因为她,对她的工作

EN: And she, drive a nigga wild when she slob the knob
ZH: 她,开一个黑鬼野生时她懒汉旋钮

EN: And she, throw it back when I hit her from behind
ZH: 和她投掷它回来时从后面打了她

EN: Every time, that's why I had to make her all mine, yeah
ZH: 每次,这就是为什么得了她所有我的是的

EN: [Chorus - Sample from "Mary Jane" by Rick James] (Freeway)
ZH: [合唱-样品从"玛丽简"的瑞克 · 詹姆斯](高速公路)

EN: She makes me feel alright (she do)
ZH: 她让我感觉很好 (她做)

EN: She makes me feel alright (yes she do)
ZH: 她让我感觉很好 (是她做的)

EN: She makes me feel alright (she do)
ZH: 她让我感觉很好 (她做)

EN: She makes me feel alright (woo!)
ZH: 她让我感觉很好 (宇)!

EN: [Verse 2 - Freeway]
ZH: [诗歌 2-高速公路]

EN: I had plenty chicks, big booty, one skinny chicks
ZH: 我有很多小鸡,大的战利品,一个瘦瘦的小鸡

EN: Spanish mamis that don't hardly speak the lang-o-uage
ZH: 西班牙 mamis 的几乎不讲郎-o-使用

EN: She always yellin "Papi Chulo", while we at it
ZH: 她总是叫喊"Papi 二十三年",同时我们在它

EN: Then she ask me if she teach me Spanish, will I teach her Eng-a-lish?
ZH: 然后她问我是否她教我西班牙语,我会教她英?

EN: Don't be ridiculous, ya know I'll teach ya
ZH: 别傻了,你知道我会教你

EN: She say "Who's bicho? What that mean? Who's ding-a-ling is this?"
ZH: 她说"谁有 bicho 吗?这意味着什么?谁有叮铃铃这是吗?"

EN: I told her "get it right, it's yours"
ZH: 我告诉她"得到它的权利,它就是你"

EN: Her coochie so tight, every time I hit it, hit walls
ZH: 她的阴道太紧了,每次打的时候,撞墙

EN: Hit it all night, hit it more in the morn'
ZH: 打它整晚,打它报晓更多 '

EN: Flew her in like a kite, even hit it on tour
ZH: 飞在像一只风筝,甚至打它游

EN: Hit in on the sofa, hit it on the floor
ZH: 在沙发上打,打它在地板上

EN: But told my new chick her coochie not addictive like yours
ZH: 但告诉我新来的姑娘她天真像你这样不会上瘾

EN: Right on, Freezer get his nighty-night on
ZH: 就在冰箱得到他助眠-

EN: After I beat it up, she put me to sleep like s'mores
ZH: 我把它打后,她让我睡像棉花糖

EN: Light snores, then she wake me up to back rubs
ZH: 轻鼾声,然后她叫醒我到背部按摩

EN: And I'm back up, fin' to beat it up once more
ZH: 我回来了,鱼翅 ' 再一次打

EN: Now once more, Freezer was once a whore
ZH: 现在再一次冰箱曾经是个妓女

EN: Now she got me locked, Bush approach - shock and awe
ZH: 现在她要我锁定,布什的方法 — — 震慑

EN: She hit the supermarket and food shop and all
ZH: 她打了超市和食品商店和所有

EN: Then she top me off, swallow the whole cock and all, yeah
ZH: 然后她顶我关闭,燕子整个公鸡和所有,是的

EN: [Chorus] - without "woo!" at the end
ZH: [合唱]-无"宇!"在结束了

EN: [Verse 3 - Freeway]
ZH: [诗歌 3-高速公路]

EN: I think I like her 'cause she make me laugh, make me smile
ZH: 我觉得我喜欢她,因为她让我笑,让我微笑

EN: Go through her act because she know she got that snapper-pow
ZH: 经过她的行为,因为她知道她得到那笛鲷 pow

EN: Oh, you don't know about that snapper-pow?
ZH: 哦,你不知道那笛鲷战俘吗?

EN: That's that action that pull you back in when you backin out
ZH: 这是这一行动,把你拉回来的时候你回来

EN: She grab the burner, said she thuggin out
ZH: 她抓住燃烧器,说出她满心

EN: She say "you think we gonna be Ike and Tina Turner? Boy, you buggin out"
ZH: 她说"你认为我们将会 Ike 和蒂娜 · 特纳吗?孩子,你如此迷恋"

EN: I told her "I love you, I'll never hit you
ZH: 我告诉她"我爱你,永远不打你

EN: Except for in your coochie and your mouth"
ZH: 除了在你的天真和你的嘴"

EN: She said "cut it out"
ZH: 她说:"删去"

EN: We actin out, playin cat and mouse
ZH: 我们出来,猫和老鼠是玩玩而已的肌动蛋白

EN: I still snap, she come to the flat unannounced
ZH: 我仍然对齐,她来到单位突击

EN: Unless it's trench coat, no clothes underneath
ZH: 除非它是风衣,下面没有穿衣服

EN: She hold me down, stash O's at her mother's house and her brother's house
ZH: 她按住我,O 的藏在她母亲的家和她哥哥的房子

EN: We maintainin, she said "I ain't complainin but you need to find another route"
ZH: 我们的 maintainin,她说:"我不是抱怨,但你需要找到另一条路线"

EN: I said "another route?"
ZH: 我说:"另一种路线吗?"

EN: She said "yeah nigga, another route, another way for you to gain payment"
ZH: 她说:"黑鬼是,另一条路线,另一种方法为您获得付款"

EN: This is so heinous, it's a shame ain't it?
ZH: 这是如此令人发指,遗憾的是不是吗?

EN: I still had to move them things when I became famous
ZH: 我仍然不得不将它们移动的东西的时候我出名了

EN: I got my babe with me and we are game changin
ZH: 我有我的宝贝跟我和我们是游戏改变

EN: We about to tear up the lane, you better clear it out
ZH: 我们要撕了车道,你最好清理出来

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Outro - Freeway - talking] - w/ ad libs
ZH: [尾-高速公路-发挥说话]-带即兴

EN: Okay, Freezer
ZH: 好吧,冰箱

EN: Uh huh, yeah
ZH: 嗯嗯,是的

EN: Behind every good man, it's a strong woman, it's
ZH: 每个好男人的背后,是一个坚强的女人,它是

EN: Y'all know, you know the saying
ZH: 你们都知道,你知道这句话

EN: You see, you see Barack, you see he got Michelle in the background
ZH: 你看到貝拉克,你看到他了蜜雪儿在背景中

EN: Ya know what I mean?
ZH: 你知道我的意思吗?

EN: You see how it's goin down, we doin it real big, ya know what I mean?
ZH: 你看看如何它是怪我们干它真正的大,你知道我的意思吗?

EN: That's how it's goin down this year and the years to come
ZH: 这就是如何是怪今年和今后几年

EN: We on our shit niggaz
ZH: 我们对我们的狗屎黑鬼