Freetoed - Closed Door lyrics

I've been dreaming

Under this pillow for way too long

My heavy heart is

Lying silently on the floor

My fingertips want to strum

There last chords for you, for you

When I try to get up, I hesitate

Try to open up, try to say

What I've always needed to find

Somehow, an open door

With the lock torn out

Time's a waste I can't explain

It's so hard to walk on my own

But I guess all I can do right now

Just keep moving along, along

Alone, along, ahhhhh

When love is pure

They say it's never ending

And why can't mine be everlasting

It's never been this hard to fall

And through my eyes I've always

Seen that life is easier then it seems

Well, looks like I've come

To prove me wrong

So just throw my hands back

I cannot use them

And all my senses

You'd just abuse them

And it's be a waste

To show up at your door

So I'll leave, cuz I'll live without you

Walking low, all over town

And I can't see the tunnels ending

The lights been blocked

By your closed doors