Freddie Gibbs - She Will (Freestyle) (2011)

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Freddie Gibbs - She Will (Freestyle) lyrics

[Freddie Gibbs]
Caught in this cycle, American's psychopathic
And I came through, doing wrong was my rite of passage
Caught up in the streets like I'm trying to interact with the madness
100 baggies all wrapped in plastic, I'm just a savage
Hotter than these damn streets
Shot this nigga last week
Police on my last nerves
I'm gon make this last serve
You see me back in the streets?
That mean I'm back on my D
Back on that bullshit
Pull clip, don't play like a fool with it
Cause my pack is hard up ?
Some niggas dirty, I can't wait for the day they burn me
Cause I showed them all the verses
All the ? I was thirsting
Gangsta Grillz, fasho...