Fred The Godson - What You Sayin (Freestyle) (2011)

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Fred The Godson - What You Sayin (Freestyle) lyrics

Fred the Godson!
Be free! What you say?
You know about cars, there’s no secret,
but you like… you can’t lose it!
I can’t believe the flow, plus the lip on the… look like Angelina Jo.
Plan for me to blow was…
I put some …. be the dough,
I don’t know I’m on the low, …
And they go to work…
A girl with the mike like her,
I’m trying to bring New York right back where we were.
I’m sick like…I rap with these words,
Maybe I’m... and the fur!
…get mellow, while the nigs get mellow!

Chorus: (x2)
Fred! Rhyme for rhyme I’m the best,
Line for line you protest,
All … flow forget about the rest,
..and I’m doing for the ex.

Bringing me physical harm I can’t conjure,
I can’t.. my arms…
Cut the brick in three…
Yeah… I remind them, I’m getting rough…
My man asked frank, ‘did you beat her?’
Strip off …talker.
I put it in metaphors and in blue like a…walker
Six offers, all from the flow,
Still wanna get high, I got it for the..
How ironic, things …
Flow off…
I’m top…
Get it?