Fred The Godson & The Heatmakerz - Alpha (2013)

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Fred The Godson & The Heatmakerz - Alpha lyrics

See there’s no money in good health so they need you to be sick with it
So if you ain’t tryna let your hard times increase my wealth
Nigga keep that progressive shit to yourself
You see they may see me as an adversary ‘cus they know I’m tryin to tell em about the farest, the artist who grow
Only need industry access
How they take a nigga dreams in
Write em off in they taxes

[Verse 1]
Weather the storm, before the snowy rain
I'm on track like the money train
I sold coke so the money came,
Hold up, I sold coke, soda money came
Mother writing my uncle she had to lick the stamp
No food in the fridge ain't have a lick of stamps
Had to go to the stripping land
Had to pick my camp thunder pouring and shit forget the ran
Fighting conviction father fighting addiction
Gotta grow like the tree, we gotta leave in these conditions
What do you do when you're looking through a hour glass?
Whole team sentenced y’all start to look like a paragraph
Flower stash, sour lash, you know the deal
Like a handy man, I know the drill
Trying to get a black ghost not like candy man I wanna know the feel
So y'all can always real, I'm ready off.

[Verse 2]
Junior high I took my regents while listening to the Master P,
Up early like Regis and Kathy Lee
Now back on the block the cops was after me
I Jet(ted) from that corner, Derrell Revis I have to be
Blessed, some call it love don’t stress while the door shut
Shawty is my ex, she told me all I do is call or fuck
I'm preoccupied and my daughter need some new legos
And me too, I got some blocks to buy
This old head was just stopping by
Said I made a difference, I never knew I ever stopped to try
You refer to the years that he watched me cry
Now my watch just make him wanna watch and cry
This is real shit it's for my man
His little sister got killed shit shit we had to deal with
So fuck these labels, and fuck who I gotta deal with
Just let these rappers know I'm a problem they gotta deal with

Nigga I am the sacrificial lamb for y'all
My life is what I'm willing to give for
I challenge you to find something that’s really willing to die for it
I’m going to live for it.