Fred The Godson - Raise The Bar (2013)

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Fred The Godson - Raise The Bar lyrics

Can I kick it?
Can I spit it?
Can I kick it?
Can I spit it?

Come on, raise your bets, I invent the flow
Never had bad breath, I was meant to blow
They said it was competition
I jumped right in it, opened the composition
On his conditions, my inner vision, I'm in position
I'm rhyming fluid, college student, my intuition
'Cause I'm the man now and I'm high
Try to put the ACs in the window and let the fans down
You see my lettering and I speak great
Like a vegetarian, my mistake
I apologize, I'm the truth in the booth
And being king is a pile of lies followed by the lullabies
I'll advise then come to rise and get start propping
I won't compromise, fire wise or womanize
Flex said it's Rocky, big wallet in his urn
I'm fox in my nature, wise to make you fur
To whoever it may concern, kept me swerving on the radio
Rappers is Howard Stern
Get it? Radio, how it's turned, I'll take you to school, boy
It's on you if you learn
Switch the flow on 'em, they feel the fret
No hero great, every miracle roll on 'em
I'm the hardest artist, the rawrest metaphoric
Flawless, call this lawless, all this is open
The blunt is to run for, chocolate
If the shoe fits that mean it's the Balenciaga
K got a passenger, it's strong cold with a will
Got me rolling, little nigga, your throne come with some bill
I raise the bar for real, you don't believe, it's apparent, like Will or your father will
I'm from the block, you banging locks, it's fabulous
Meek Mill shake whole, nobody that savage
I mean wild play, she want me to sleep with her after I'm done
But why lay? Brick rolls, Jeezy, mix tape Drake
He got Eminem, Lil' Wayne, what's that stake?
The hip hop, and I salute you, we don't fuck with rock and roll but we mess with U2
We done hit pussies over here and up
Get it? Hit pussies over here and up
Can hint where this is leading up, if you ain't got balls sit down and just leave it up
To me, you better know when it's Fred, rock this burglar, overthrow him
Bend over their head
Who said I'm nice? Ask the cat, I will neuter him
You get it? Cat, I will neuter him
The nicest since the real rock '
You and your men get killed at the same damn time, I see the future