Fred The Godson - 5 AM In Blockwork (2013)

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Fred The Godson - 5 AM In Blockwork lyrics

I'm the truth on the block full of lights
Just a couple buyers
Remember early summers, I open pumps with the pliers
The last couple of years I appeared to be the supplier
Just bein frank like papaya
Pry up, I fix em like MacGyver
The real niggas, even dead
Or they own reconciling, playing survivor
Me, carry a lamas
The 80 is an airfold, just spoke to my mama
She said baby be careful
I got a god range, black squad came
Show you how 52 pickup in just a card game
And that tek spray, the correct way
I'll make sure they see right through you
Just like an x ray
To be x way, calm with the tents I'm lying
The shit's intense
They iron me through the fence
Please don't take offense
Can't say that y'all fire
Please don't take offense
These bars got barbwire
God flow, true religion cargos
Heat seekers that follow you and where your car goes
I'm on a grind, y'all know
I'm servinf fiends line after line, the block look like a barcode
I'm kobe bryant define, you jay cargo
I'm balling to the bag, call me bonduelle's fargo
He said I'm ugly, my bitch bad, stop though
She just get mad, she a trip lime morroco
Rapping against springers, I feel like a fucking ringer
Your distance is disappointing, I just ain't pointing no fingers
Man I hate and see everything
When we cross path I hope you say anything
You see I'm more understanding, my shooters got the line out
Just call me cannon, these niggas wanna wail out
Chrome will hit yoru shirt holmes
Will make a 2 stone out of your birth stone
Hello nigga sit up, tvm riding, y'all high, to get up
Hello nigga sit up, tvm riding, y'all high, to get up.