Freakadelika - Just Freakin lyrics (French translation). | Music people good vibration
, pleasure passion ??
, smiling grooving
, push and screaming
, evrebody...
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Freakadelika - Just Freakin (French translation) lyrics

EN: Music people good vibration
FR: Bonne vibration de musique people

EN: pleasure passion ??
FR: passion plaisir??

EN: smiling grooving
FR: souriant de rainurage

EN: push and screaming
FR: Push et crier

EN: evrebody is just freaking
FR: evrebody est juste freaking

EN: fashion party body`s moving
FR: mode du corps parti mouvement

EN: money kisses sex and ??
FR: argent baise sexe et??

EN: smoking drinking fucking ladies
FR: dames de putain boire fumer

EN: everynïght I feel so crazy
FR: everynïght je me sens tellement fou