Frayser Boy - I Wish A Mothafucka Would lyrics

(Chorus: 2X)
come and steppin on my toe, I wish a mothafucka would
acting like you got some an ounce, I wish a mothafucka would
tryin to play me like a ho, I wish a mothafucka would
pull ya gun on me, I wish a mothafucka would

(Verse 1)
hit the tone, cock it back, ho I gotta holla at
holla points and dontcha ????? betcha nigga ain't no stoppin that
shoop first I'm poppin bags, do you then I holla back
who you talkin bout, mayn that nigga in the stoppin cab
got wrong in the club chillin sippin on some bud
a wall flower coward bump into me actin like he buff
he know that I'm the frayser boy, nigga with the major toy
have ya needy bleedin from a slice from a racer boy
real nigga on the scene, know a playa comin mean
step out the club you'll get chopped like a killatien
getcha fuckin block mock, all you hear is pop pop
sound like independance day, make the fuckin cops stop
you don't wanna get wrong, cause I keep a big tone
dont want ya hoe shot, better send that ugly bitch home
make a nigga get gone, have a coward sent home
think I won't react, gotta mothafuckin big tone


(Verse 2)
I've had a long night, long day, gotta problem ok
beaten, dumpem, stompem, motha fucka have it no way
take some shit no way, not today and no day
nigga take it outside, that some shit a fuckin ho say
talkin bad to yo face, invadin yo space
that go for any mothafucka walkin through that doorway
make a nigga go away, comin where yo ho lay
sky mask up now a nigga doggin yo pay
never was a ho mayn, nigga I make it so plain
now ya actin tuff, gassed up like propain
have you lookin so shame, pistol touchin yo brain
make you swallow words, better go play withcha ho mayn
niggaz slangin dope mayn, you ain't got no hope mayn
done got into some shit now you gotta get yo folks mayn
walk up to yo door mayn, leave clouds of smoke mayn
blow yo ass off hit chu with that 40 40 mayn


you don't want none (repeat til end)