Frayser Boy - Hydro Weed lyrics

[Hook: Juicy J sample from "I'm So High" repeating & over-lapping it's self]
Hydro weed-Hydro weed-Hydro weed, I got some
Oh please, oh please, oh please
Just gimme just one more hizit

[Verse 1: Frayser Boy]
I got the "Blunt to My Lips"
I know you heard that before
Tone on my hip
Cause nigga, I ain't no fuckin ho
Smokin Hydro weed, aroma coming from the cloud of smoke
Took too much to my lungs, it made a nigga fuckin choke
No, this ain't no joke
A nigga gotta smoke the best of weed
Like I keep a bad bitch, laid up caressing me
Hope ain't bab' you sellin me
Goodie-good, it better be
If it ain't, I'm referring my niggas to some better weed
Got a blunt? Fire it up, what'chu babysittin for?
So you can go back home and get to smokin with that silly ho
That's a fuckin no-no
All she do is smoke your dope
Sittin at home on her ass, waitin on you so she can smoke
It's time out for nothin hoes, all I do is blaze trees
Smoke myself into a coma or untill I'm crazy
Got my eyes lazy
Smokin Purple Hazy
I need a stronger dose, cause that regular don't phase me


[Verse 2: Frayser Boy]
A nigga swervin, high, drunk
And the lane bout to change over
Chevy on my left, and on my right there's a Range Rover
Hennessey killin me, need to just remain sober
Smokin make it better, when I'm high, I think the pains over
I'm too high, games over, bout to go to sleep
Drivin, weed is got me wishin that a nigga had a auto-pilot
Cause I don't think I'm gon' make it to my destination, Jone
Arguin with this stupid bitch, blowin my high while on the phone
'Dro is got me in the zone, I can't walk a straight line
Don't you think I'm that high doggin, make you plot to take mine
Get'cho ass popped mayn, 'Dro is got me paranoid
Niggas real nervous, I can't stand the sound of loud noise
Cut the radio down, so I can enjoy my high
See the police in my rear-view, hope them bitches roll on by
Smokin like I'm a fiend
I'm always high when I'm seen
Or maybe a little slum from sippin on purple lean, 'cha mean?