Franziska - More Love lyrics

More love for your brothers and your sisters
More love for your mother and father
More love for the young and the elders
More love,we come spread it cause yuh know we got it

Dem no know seh a love we come fi talk bout
North, east, west and down inna di south
See the people sleep inna di cold outta road
Caan find no water and dem caan find no food
Hey! Babylon yuh better hold down yuh tool
Make di people suffer and dem nah build no school
Brainwash di people dem with yuh idiot rule
Put yuh mother last, buy yuh girl yah new shoes

Everyman yuh know seh dat dem haffi have a woman
Give birth to Daniel increase di population
All over di world me see say nuff sufferation
See di whole a dem inna di same situation
Mother cry, baby cry, caan find solution
See wid a spliff dem waan carry yuh inna station
Tell di babylon seh dem fe hear out we song
Nah go mix up inna dem guns and bombs.
Boom sound

I love to see my people smiling inna life
Problem everywhere my brothers, so no need to cry
Always remember thath God is by your side
No matter if yuh black or white
Haffi theach di youth dem fe live a good life