Franklin Daniel - Life Isn't Supposed To Be That Good lyrics

I thought it was love it was just bad luck
and I came to the conclusion my love life really sucked
I'm not sure of my problem I think it must be me
maybe I'm too afraid to face reality
I thought it was love it was just my imagination
I look back at yesterday Oh what was I thinking
today I learned a lesson that always will be true
That life isn't supposed to be that good
My fingers no longer count the mistakes I have made
I really don't know why it seemed to end my day
I've never felt a loss until I said goodbye
I thought that I was strong but I just broke down and cried
And now a beautiful girl enters my world
Her sweet and caring smile lifts me up above
I get some affection no longer am I broken hearted
It seems the circle of life was just restarted
The most brutal of men cries at the past
I wished the good times would last