Francesco De Gregori - Atlantis lyrics

Now he lives in Atlantis
with a hat full of memories and souvenirs
Got the smile of a wise man
and a little spleen inside his soul
He drinks twenty-four beers a day and at night
he feels like a lonesome hero in someway.

Now he lives in California
twenty-nine years waiting for a hurricane
he came to be a very special guitar man
thinking hard of a woman named Lillian
when he says: «You're the one I'd love to live with»
you see a sudden ache flash in his eyelids.

Now he lives in some kind of jail
where he learned not to ask 'bout that girl anymore
the famous girl who came from Rome
whose tender eyes are harder than stone
ah, once you know, we've been lovers for a little while
when I had oceans to explore and mountains to climb.

And so was thinking that passing man
while cruising over all of the Europe's land
I say you can steal her money and privacy
but please let her keep her fancy curiosity
send her my forgiveness for what I have done
tell her I'm sorry but I have to go on.