Fragrance - Don't Break My Heart lyrics

Don't break my heart,
Don't let me down,
Don't break my heart,
Don't make me frown.

You took me by surprise,
Just like a rainbow in the night,
When I look in your eyes,
I can see diamonds shining bright.

I never realized,
You'll be the one to make it right,
You got me hypnotized,
Before my life was black and white,
You and me make a team,
I want you near me every day,
Last night I had a dream,
You went away

(Chorus) (2x)

We're getting serious,
Life by your side can be so nice,
You're so mysterious,
Yesterday you were cold as ice,
I wonder how you feel,
If all your feelings are the same,
Were all your smiles for free,
Or is it a game?

(Chorus) (softer)

(Chorus) (2x)