Fourside - Wait For It lyrics

You sit at home

You're all alone

And waiting for him by the phone

Does he ever call you?

Will he ever call you?

A happy love

For all these years

Is that what you want me to hear?

Well I can see right through it

I love you and I'll prove it

A pictures worth a thousand words

And I'm speechless

I'm speechless

I can't describe the way you are


And ignorance

Are said to make an awful mix

And that is what you've tasted

This recipe is wasted

He doesn't want

Your sympathy

Your tears mean so much more to me

I'd love to see you smile

I hope for your revival

You may not mean a lot to him

But youre worth it

So perfect

I can't describe the way you are

I am praying

You're still waiting

Waiting for your call

You're obeying

I'm still waiting

Waiting for your call to me

Is this even happening?

It has got me wondering how

I thought that I had gotten over you

I've been trying everything

I even got to hear you sing but

You will never sing when he's around

You and I discussed this once

And you said he's had enough

Now you say you're giving up on me