Four Way Free - 77 lyrics

I fell in love with the girl downstairs when I was seven years old
She wasn't much to look at but she smelled like cinnamon rolls

But she declined the offer to be my Billie Jean
It took a while to get over and soon I was seventeen

Now baby I don't know what to do
I'll never get anything done if I fall for you
Now baby I'm a sucker it's true
I'll never get anything done if I fall for you

Seventeen began pretty lonely - I made a lot of model planes
But then I found me a one and only: a girl who loved candy canes

But when the holidays were over she called me to have a word
My heart was stopped in that parking lot and ten years later I'm cured


Twenty-seven, thirty-seven, those casualties of youth
Forty, fifty, sixty-seven, all leading up to...

So what's it like?
If you do just what I did
And your heart doesn't mind it
It's like a kite to a blind kid:
You gotta feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it...

Seventy-seven and my doors are open again
I got a date, it's looking great, she's a friend of a friend of a friend
We'll grab a meal and seal the deal and share a bingo card
Love is pretty easy - it's the in-between that's hard