Fountains Of Youth - Along These Lines lyrics

Life’s a mystery
I’m a detective
Take what you will
but nothing for granted
Every clue’s got a
piece of you yeah
You put the mystery
in everything I do

But I don’t want to waste another
minute being lonely
I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna
take it anymore cuz...

I don’t even want it if it’s
gotta be along these lines
I’m just gonna wait it out
until it really is my time
I’m gonna open up my heart
to everything that’s on the inside
And I don’t want to hear it if it
sounds like a good bye
Good bye

We built a garden
and we gave it love
You never know
what’s coming up
Future’s uncertain
for me and you
We were solid as a statue
now I’m losing you

Nothing has changed but everything
To everything I’m open wide