Forlorn Legacy - Insanity Pt. Ii: Delirium lyrics

Thock layer of lunacy
Riveted to my conciousness
Stained my judgement paralyzed
My brain handcuffed, I just stare
At the white scenery of my
Prison cell, I shake as the pressure
Builds up in my head!
I scream, so these walls
Can remember my name
This time I need to stay awake
This time I must not forget,who I am
Another dose
Another handful of pills
Handful of dreams
I'll be torn apart
When the ayr starts to taste
Strange and damp 10 years have
Passed, 10 years lost in a maze
You've designed in my mind
Now I'm immune to the "cure"
Reality slowly leaks in my mind
I was caught up in this twisted game
Now I'm back from being insane
The stains are all washed away
I'll revenge for every single day.