Forgotten Sunrise - Never(k)now lyrics

Driving along I notice some pockets of air in the air
I pause to listen for the bangs that are not quite there
Along the stem of heaven I flow upwards, never down
We bring more misery to the roots of the heaven's crown

With my feet I stomp the clouds nearer to the earth
So you could learn what licorice and pitch are really worth
The stingy taste of mustard in my mouth is honey-sweet
But on my sacred tongue these two must never meet

The guardian angel behind the shield of clouds
Won't hear the death-fear's banging for the banging isn't loud

It only takes half an effort to break both sides
The other half I'll spend on making left and right collide
I'm aiming at an apple with a fireproof arrow of fire
And never lie about it if it is your heart's desire