Forevermore - Succubus lyrics

My purpose is just to serve
May neither spirit nor life hinder me from my only goal - to deal my master's wrath
Sliding my way in, staying inconspicuous, I've built up trust - gained influence over this mind
Now that I've lost all control, reason has lost its foothold, and I'm alone
And your body's warmth - it never felt so cold, here in the silence only denying what we both know

Now soak up the pleasure
Now partake in the indulgence
Now soak up the pleasure
It's about the time that you get yours
Do something for yourself
Keep it under wraps if you must, but we both know you can't deny what's welling up in you
It's welling up in you

I can't hear your voice among the chaos
I want to be set free; all I'm lacking is the need
And I just cannot help but feeling I'm better off alone
I'm better off on my own

Look how I've turned you against everything that you knew
I'll be back soon enough
This is only the start
I'm not done