Foreverinmotion - Avalanche lyrics

I could hear an avalanche descending from the hilltop.
It was such a brilliant view until I was forced to stop,
Turn around, and warn the city below of a fate
That no one here is likely to escape…
I hope you all found peace with the lives that you made.
Then someone screamed,
"is this a test to prove against everything I know?
If the earth spared my life tonight,
Would fate leave me alone?
There are so many dreams I've created here
That mean so much to me."
They can be taken away by natural forces any given day.
These are the chances we take.
Be careful of the choices that you make.
The bittersweet songs of disconcerted souls
Linger in my mind out of key and left for dead
Somewhere behind…
I've seen this side of destruction.
Just never from behind my eyes.
No, I've only felt the tears of the hurricane
And that was all that I could take
Before the flood rose up and washed me away,
Over the levee that once stood here in the path it made.
I nearly drowned before I caught the tree that saved me.
Save me