Forelock - No One Knows (feat. Arawak)

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Forelock - No One Knows (feat. Arawak) lyrics

No one knows how fi overstand my feelings
No one knows yeeeyeeh
No one knows how fi overstand it

No one knows.

Mental orders dem come from above
Any human's breath could be allowed
I can feel my self falling through my blood
Dem nah know wha the meaning of love
So me a seh Faya pon who waan fi let me go
Love and consciousness stand for all
Dem nah know wha me a looking for
Burning and rolling like a fire ball
Over everything I ever put my soul
But I cyaan tek mi thoughts under control
Too much bullshit dem filling up my brain
I can feel it deep through my veins
Nothing even time is on our side
But me have no doubt anymore inna mi mind
No one knows I'm sure and I'm waiting for one answer more!

There's something more whe you don't kno
More than what you mind ever look out
Some of those thought bring me down
Me a stop searching if I will find out
Wha in a mi life it mek me shout out
What mist over my sight like a blackout
Continually round the clock you fuck about
Me say nothing knock dem self out let me sing you that again.

It's Arawak