Foreign Elfest - Headboards lyrics

It's six p.m. and you're talking to me
Outside through my gray phone
Fragments of truth spoken
Are like half of notes written
Fear that yet to be seen whole
It's eleven and I'm at your door
Through the miles between
Your gaze has grown older
But I still see that same frame
I stole when I was sixteen
In this foreign air I breathe
With your familiar scent
My head is whispering
Was everything since her
Just some hopeless searching
To re-find that place
Where I knew I should be
Nothing has ever felt as clean
As it did in you
And every step I took since then
Was defined by what I learned
Standing next or away from you
And it's funny to think
What I thought I understood
What I barely knew
And I'm still not sure
If you mean what you say
If your wet eyes are telling the truth
Now the meaning of time is gone
And I'm singing that song in my head
I feel your lips grab mine
As we stumble in the darkness
Towards the depths
Of those sheets of your bed
I'm younger again
The pages are being reread
There were words that I missed the first time
They've slept under my skin
Since I was crucified to your body
With what we said
And what I thought you meant
Now I'm un-decorating her body
As I slip off and put on my shirt
This lie is my life, I thought she was pure
But it is not the first time
My vision has been blurred
But I just wanted to believe in you
I've been staring at a godless sky too long
And I need to stop singing songs
And just lie down in the dirt where I belong
Dawn's ink has ran, and I'm in her grass
Headed towards my car, she's sleeping
I feel heavy, not quick
But then I feel something touch my arm
And begin to uplift
My darling Benj, don't leave
I never told you everything
How much I've wept
Since the moment you left
And ever since your voice
Has been beating through my chest
I am yours and nothing that can make that die
Even if I tried
Knock on wood
We've fallen with the plants
Waiting for our seeds to grow
But frost is not my friend
And it's beginning to snow
I feel like a child going wild
As he rolls in his bliss, so innocent
But how I'm nowhere near innocent
I can't ignore where I've been
What you've seen, what it's done
Who we've hurt, what it's all become
Those notes that used to ring through my head
Are no longer a hesitant hum
But I wish I could sing them to you
How I wish you would sing them to me
How I long for that ringing harmony
Hear it now, timeless
It's one week later and I'm in her bed
At her parents' house
The place I learned to learn, lose, or love
More than time should allow
And it's strange
'Cause I know I shouldn't be here
Singing this song, It's why I've been trying
To escape its sound for so fucking long
But now
I wouldn't mind staying here with her
Until that headboard became a gravestone