For Stars - ...It Falls Apart lyrics

There's all kinds of people,
Most of them equal,
But I do not know who you are anymore.

I've spent a lifetime,
Riding the pipeline
Into the future.
The water gets cold.
Your stories get old.
Your stories get old.

You should be getting ready
For the races.
It's animals in motion,
Like the birds by the sea.

In the car I'll sing you
Julie's cactus tree.
Cause the way I see your face,
It's you and I.

Isn't it amazing
To watch the colors changing.
The horses are complaining about the heat.
And if my horse comes in,
I'll buy you everything
You ever wanted
And never had.

I know
That I've been slow,
But I'm prepared
To go the distance.

I've spent all my time
In the debt of other minds.