Fog (Indie) - Ditherer lyrics

Just when things had fallen into place,
just when you had your story straight,
a grey fox circling your house.
How best to summon some resolve?

Was you who lit that fuse,
was you who dug that hole,
who fell under a spell,
the last distraction of your life...
Yeah, you and yours.
But I know that you will rise again
on Satan's mighty wing,
above the ashen earth,
King of King of Kings!

And when they pushed you from that plane,
into the unchangeable sea,
died of a heart attack before you made a splash,
the moon shone off the waves,
the last reflection of your time...
Yeah, you got yours.
But I know that you will rise again,
dried by Satan's flames,
arms and legs unbound,
rockets in your ribs,
cannons on your arms,
to lay waste to this land,
Oh you will rise again!
You will rise again!