Fly Union - 5000 (2012)

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Fly Union - 5000 lyrics

[Verse 1 - Jay Swifa]

I be on my own shit
Speak my own lingo
Feel like I hit the jackpot, bingo
Why you leave her all alone?
Don't give me a reason
Get your girl, it's winter time
Yeah cuff season
Rolling in that Volvo
Pockets ain't got no dough
But I'm feeling good; I got this
Roxy by the boat load
Money is the motive
I say it you quote it
You watch it
I live it
Whatever I say she with it and I'm gone...
Now I'm back again
Chopping it up like fractions and chinos I'm not slacking
Whats wrong?
You should stay in touch with me
Never needed a cosign niggas just fuck with me; I'm gone

[Hook- Iye]

I'm knocking at the gate
Number 1 rule is niggas gon hate
Uh oh, but these ho's gon love it
She ain't getting nothing from me she ain't in the budget
I'm gone
Im outty x8

[Verse 2 - Iye]

I be on my get money by any means necessary
Leave legendary
While these niggas getting loans
I be trying to own
Don Corleone get it popping from a mobile home, porn flick
No matter what the case be pop it off no safety
Gone with it
Did it before it happened; I'm pro choice
Clean as a Rolls Royce got this
Watch me double profit with out stock tips
We gon get it in like a lock smith
I don't think they get it
I be on this whole foods
Bag full of spinach
I was bagging for a minute
Now I'm back to finish what I started
Left some women broken hearted
We gone party get retarded tell your friend that I'm here

[Hook- Iye]

[Verse 3 - Jerreau]

I be on these...and they be on my
I'm sorry whats your name?
Remind me who I'm with
This could last forever we should take a pic
If you ain't like me when I was broke you gon hate me when I'm rich
Gon head and take this dollar bill for your sorrows
If I cried I cry ice
Drinks are better tomorrow
Lets have a bottle on tonight
The night is young and we are to
This champagne older than me and you
Enough about we lets talk about me and all this money I plan to meet
It's me, these girls, red cups, and Carlo
BBC is my play clothes, climb my monkey bars with Bape on and I got the fliest cape on
My mother told me I was airborne, and I'm Audi R8, but I'll be back like retro J's
I'm gone

[Hook- Iye]