Fly Henderson - Let Me Fly (2012)

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Fly Henderson - Let Me Fly lyrics

Yeah nah now either let me fly
Forget me death
Fly, look look

Mom stressed me out of church
That's why i'm keeping god first
Still raised while .. 'cause my pile looks cursed
I've been through the worst
That's what the past at
'cause now of ym first
Finally finding some people can listen to
And everything i did was against this people rules
Tell it to the teacher they got me .Out of school
Or the once that .. Interviews

When i say fly i don't mean fresh
Ice kept stressed
What i'm trying to express
Answer upon my chest
I just did me and they sayin it's the best
And if you disagree get probably with the rest

With the rest a million more rapers
Play me up next, but i can care less
Kind of fear .. They wont' hire a nigga
F*ck it what's next
Time to get a grind lots about crime
Who would have through rock it change a nigga mine
And if it's meant to be ..
You know i got fake so patient i wait
I hope that's a right move 'cause time is money why waste
If i get out of line is to chase a few dimes
I cna't stay awya or when i get place
They save a nigga place

Now either get me fly or get me death
Let my soul rest take my breath
If i don't fly i'ma die anyway
I'am live on but i'll be gone any dya

See i got a name that this bitches used to doubt
So he aint' cahs it out we aint' hangin out
Got my players back so don't play me with the ..
Don't bring me the over nerve 'cause we gonna head down south
Look i got a budget the rap shit ain't cuttin
F*ck to anything that keep the money coming
The homo hatin niggas free promo
Talk about me so much the next stash will eb my loco
What can i say being the best is my faith
Got in my hands hands dough ..
Everything we own we paid off so we winnin
So that must mean in the day lost
Type of nigga that eat p**sy and stay soft
..As i spit they caught
Somebody please tell these lanes they aint ..
I'm gonna put this on to stay ..

[2 x hook:]