Fly Henderson - Let Me Fly lyrics (Chinese translation). | Yeah nah now either let me fly 
, Forget me death 
, Fly, look look 
, Mom stressed me out of...
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Fly Henderson - Let Me Fly (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Yeah nah now either let me fly
ZH: 是的没有现在要么让我飞

EN: Forget me death
ZH: 忘了我的死亡

EN: Fly, look look
ZH: 飞,看看

EN: Mom stressed me out of church
ZH: 妈妈强调我从教堂

EN: That's why i'm keeping god first
ZH: 这就是为什么我把神第一

EN: Still raised while .. 'cause my pile looks cursed
ZH: 同时还提出...因为我桩看上去被诅咒

EN: I've been through the worst
ZH: 我经历过最坏

EN: That's what the past at
ZH: 那是在过去

EN: 'cause now of ym first
ZH: 因为现在的 ym 第一

EN: Finally finding some people can listen to
ZH: 最后终于找到一些人可以听

EN: And everything i did was against this people rules
ZH: 我做的一切都是针对此人规则

EN: Tell it to the teacher they got me .Out of school
ZH: 告诉它向老师他们我。离开学校

EN: Or the once that .. Interviews
ZH: 或一次,...访谈

EN: When i say fly i don't mean fresh
ZH: 当我说飞我不是说新鲜

EN: Ice kept stressed
ZH: 冰一直强调

EN: What i'm trying to express
ZH: 想表达什么

EN: Answer upon my chest
ZH: 在我的胸口回答

EN: I just did me and they sayin it's the best
ZH: 我只是做了我和他们说它是最好的

EN: And if you disagree get probably with the rest
ZH: 如果你不同意可能得到与其他

EN: With the rest a million more rapers
ZH: 与其他 100 万更多写成娈童者

EN: Play me up next, but i can care less
ZH: 我玩了下一步,但我可以不在乎

EN: Kind of fear .. They wont' hire a nigga
ZH: 那种恐惧的...他们不会不 ' 雇一个黑鬼

EN: F*ck it what's next
ZH: F * ck 它下一个是什么

EN: Time to get a grind lots about crime
ZH: 时间得到很多有关犯罪的研磨

EN: Who would have through rock it change a nigga mine
ZH: 谁有岩石通过它更改一个黑鬼矿

EN: And if it's meant to be ..
ZH: 而如果它注定要被...

EN: You know i got fake so patient i wait
ZH: 你知道的假那么有耐心我等不及

EN: I hope that's a right move 'cause time is money why waste
ZH: 我希望这是一个正确的举动,因为时间就是金钱为什么废物

EN: If i get out of line is to chase a few dimes
ZH: 要是出的线是去追逐几个硬币

EN: I cna't stay awya or when i get place
ZH: 离不开或者当我得到的地方

EN: They save a nigga place
ZH: 他们保存一个黑鬼地方

EN: Now either get me fly or get me death
ZH: 现在让我飞,或给我死亡

EN: Let my soul rest take my breath
ZH: 让我让我呼吸的灵魂安息

EN: If i don't fly i'ma die anyway
ZH: 如果我无论如何不能飞我就死

EN: I'am live on but i'll be gone any dya
ZH: 我是现场直播,但就是不见任何 dya

EN: See i got a name that this bitches used to doubt
ZH: 有用于怀疑这婊子的名称

EN: So he aint' cahs it out we aint' hangin out
ZH: 所以他不是 '安老,我们不是' 出的游荡

EN: Got my players back so don't play me with the ..
ZH: 有我的球员回所以不要玩我的...

EN: Don't bring me the over nerve 'cause we gonna head down south
ZH: 不能带超过神经因为我们要去南方的头

EN: Look i got a budget the rap shit ain't cuttin
ZH: 听着有 rap 狗屁不是长预算

EN: F*ck to anything that keep the money coming
ZH: F * ck 的东西,让钱来

EN: The homo hatin niggas free promo
ZH: ¨ 黑鬼免费促销拉人

EN: Talk about me so much the next stash will eb my loco
ZH: 谈谈我那么多下藏将 eb 我火车头

EN: What can i say being the best is my faith
ZH: 最好的是我的信仰,我能说什么呢

EN: Got in my hands hands dough ..
ZH: 我的手手面团中有...

EN: Everything we own we paid off so we winnin
ZH: 我们所有的东西我们付掉这样我们 winnin

EN: So that must mean in the day lost
ZH: 所以必须意味着在一天失去了

EN: Type of nigga that eat p**sy and stay soft
ZH: 类型的黑鬼,吃 p * * sy 和保持偏软

EN: ..As i spit they caught
ZH: ..如我吐痰被逮

EN: Somebody please tell these lanes they aint ..
ZH: 请你告诉这些车道他们不是...

EN: I'm gonna put this on to stay ..
ZH: 我要把这个放在待...

EN: [2 x hook:]
ZH: [2 x 钩:]