Flotsam And Jetsam - Carry On lyrics

It gets under my skin
The need to just one time win
When I am given a reward
It's often at the wrong end of a sword
The way that you have handled me
Makes me wish that I was free
I wanna just get up and run
My time with you has lost it's fun

When you look at me I know
That it's time for me to go
I don't care about what you've lost
Or about your personal cost
My life isn't yours to change
Improve, better, or rearrange
Ya take me for what I am
Or don't cause I don't give a damn

I won't take anymore of this
It consumes my mind
I won't take another, minute of this,
Waste of my time

I, I, I,
I can take a shot at this myself
I, I, I,
I will carry on

Now it's time to figure it out
Think hard of what it's all about
Is any of this good for me
I got no time to wait and see
I'm out the gate like an angry stampede
Bound and determined to succeed
If you're an obstacle in my way
Drop to your knees and pray