Flipsyde - It's Goin' Down (2012)

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Flipsyde - It's Goin' Down lyrics

I see the light it's lookin bright
It's going down
Been in the dark so long but now i'm alright
Let's get down
My mind is free my spirit is strong
It's alright
This work and enemy
Hang on this world the enemy

I'm on the road top down we're going through your hair
Fresh pedicure toes tangle in the air
Don't know where i'm going baby dont' care
Right here fundle in the underwear
Yeah i'm a .. I'm a .. I'm an animal
You alsoe get a life from the ..
Sees that yeah receives that
This world can't hold me back believe that


I'm lookign at my pieces and running down the shadows of golden ..
And hell we belowwe below
The photograph of yesterday yes belong
The once we love the one way
It goes down so turn on the radio
I'm gonna give, i'm gonan take
I'm gonna ride till i break thing close my eye
And kisses were goodbye
I'm gonna love, i'm gonna cry,
I'm gonna ride till i die think close my eyes
And kisses were goodbye


Been in the dark so long and your dawn so long
And you been bleeding Come somthing you lean on
Come on my knee.. Need to see to eb gone
I'm a coast on the beach for free to be wrong let's go
..Five i claim higher ..The abby shaking ..

2 x
Step to the left, step to the right
Work all day live all night
Each day is a pay for my life
Each day is a ..For my life