FlipBoy - Flip Shot Ya (Freestyle) lyrics

Aiyyo, i'm feelin' gangsta naamean?
Matta 'fact, I AM gangsta dawg!

I Make guns go *bang!*
My gat goes *bang!*
As I leave, you know that Flip Shot Ya!

1st offence on me, you get a punch in yo face,
2nd offence on me, it's my bullet you gon taste,
You know Flip coming when you see him on the highway,
I'm gangsta dawg, I hold my gun sideways,
Fuck with me once, you should hide right away
I shotgun you on the chest and you gon fly away (shotgun!)
Bitches are mad to me cuz I make them run after me
My soldyaz are bunnies cuz they have unlimited batteries
Y'all groupies should stop buggin me
The reason you mean muggin me is cuz you starin at a real thuggin G!