Flip - Leavin' lyrics

So You wake up and decide to leave
Won't hear opinions you will never admit
Your mind is full of broken promises,
You're packing up your stuff,
My arms are broken and my hands are tied
Can't see where I'm going ‘cos I'm almost blind
Don't have the strength to hold you by my side
I'm Running out of time

And Now you're leaving me again
And I cannot forget about what we had
It's not my fault, don't know if it's your
Tell me I need to know

It's never easy to forget hometown
I can't forget your voice n' you're fragance
A thousand miles from here you hear me scream,
I think that I don't deserve this
All in here has changed a lot since that
And times goes by like water in my hands
I'm not the same I've changed it is a fact
Still waiting for someone