Flesh And Blood Robot - If You Ever Had A Doubt, That Was The Moment You Should Have Taken Advantage Of lyrics

The price on your head
That I etched with my love
Is something to remind you of me
And every horror I remind you of
Everyone that touches you
Will know what you've done
By the dirt that covers your skin
And by the pieces of your heart
That were once one
Lock the memories in a box
And put them away
For you to discover once more
Know that I will always be there
Through the good the bad, sick, dead and the poor
I will taste the fruits of your flesh
I will suffocate everything in my way
I will destroy the home we once built
I will bury all that was our life
Is this search for a common comfort
Even worth what we are going through
I've never experenced this
Don't let your feelings for me
Get in the way of how I run your life
This aquired taste is only a fad
And the love we shared was something we never had