Flash - There No More lyrics


Fortune favors nature lives there innocent favors age
Animals caged in zoo men cells nature tells to rage
Apologize to the seven seas
See yourself as a soul to please
Living here in mystic peace
Surrounded by some friends

Their innocence turns my to rest forgetting all I've done
I pictured them with a camera capturing the view
Blossom drenched morning afternoon, what world so new
Fortune favors children's eyes there innocent favors ?
Living free a lifetime stolen looking for a dream
A lucky gaze from a lady gave me ??
Through windows shinning gave me princess of my dream
Morning came like heaven's money shared it's scene by few
Afternoon went sinking down and disappeared from view
Devil's reel play through the Thai lands?!?!?
Brought tears for who sat on the shore
Three men played a cricket jumped?!?!?
And I was there no more-